7 Tips For Travelling Abroad During Covid-19 Pandemic

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

7 Tips For Travelling Abroad During Covid-19 Pandemic

1.    Planning Ahead

    Even before the coronavirus pandemic forced government leaders and airlines to implement new precautionary measures, travelling abroad required plenty of planning. Now, there are even more factors to consider. Actually, I plan to travel to Singapore because close to our country. But, I know I am only dreaming of this time. So, when the travelling planning process we must consider the following travel guidance:

  • Stay updated with the latest developments and restrictions for both your destination and Singapore.
  • Be aware of any entry restrictions, screening or quarantine requirements that might affect your arrival or return.
  • Educate yourself on safe air travel guidance and requirements, such as the face-covering mandate for flights taking off or landing in Singapore.

2.    Travel Insurance Policies

Don’t forget when you want to go abroad, you must get travel insurance first. For your information many ways to get travel insurance. In my experience, I just bought travel insurance online. It is faster and easy for me. So, you can search with google about travel insurance. But do remember you must check travel insurance policies for information on how the pandemic may have affected over.

Travel Insurance policies very important to the traveller to secure when we travel abroad. For example, if something unexpected happens like theft, travel insurance will help us to cover our vacation trip.

3.    Cleanliness and Safety

As a traveller during the pandemic, the safety and cleanliness factor it’s a very important part. We must prepare and priority better hygiene and cleanliness when considering planning a trip. Make sure we must follow the five heaths and safety measure in the wake of Covid-19

  • face masks mandatory 
  • Plane deep cleaned daily 
  • Flight crew wearing PPE 
  • Passenger sanitation packs provided 
  • Changes to food service 


4.    Check a Safety Hotel for Booking

To instil confidence and differentiate themselves, many hotels are responding to customer concerns by implementing and improving their hygiene standards. Now when you search for a hotel you’ll see a new hotel cleanliness rating displayed on some search results. These accommodations had to score a 4.5 (out of 5) or above in order to claim the distinctive hotel badge. The ratings are updated in real-time and based on direct guest feedback. And, I plan to stay at Carton Hotel even though my friend also suggested staying in Hotel Boss, one of the good hotels in Singapore. Actually, there are many hotels to choose from, and of course, must highlight a safe hotel first. 

Number: www.hotelcorton.com


5.    Travel Guide

    During the pandemic, a travel guide is important to us. It is because they know and familiar with every place do and don’t to visit. So, tour guides can help in giving the view of choosing a safe place to visit. To make sure social distancing possible, we must avoid and skip crowded attraction.

6.    Avoid Sharing Toilet or Bathroom

Toilet and bathroom are a high-risk area for many different pathogens, including bacterial and Covid-19 virus. So, we are recommended to use a single bathroom. These single-stall options are sometimes marked as family restrooms when possible to avoid being in a cramped space with other people. Try to minimize our contact with a surface such as door handles, the key is to thoroughly wash or sanitize our hands after touching everything.


7.    Stick to take  out meal or bring your own food.

    On a trip, we may have to stop and eat at some point if we’re on the road for hours or days during a future road trip. So it is better to take out instead of in a restaurant to avoid the number of people you’re in close proximity to. If you’re travelling with another adult, only one of you can go grab the food while the rest of you stay inside the car. 

The conclusion is, this coronavirus pandemic has made planning a trip whether it’s for business purposes or a personal holiday far more complicated. While travel is still fully possible to many parts of the world things can change very quickly during a pandemic.

Between departure, arrival, the actual trip and your eventual return home, there are many factors that could lead to initial travel plans needing to be altered on short notice. As such, it is important for travellers to stay fully informed of any relevant developments not only before their trip but during their time abroad as well.



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